Turbine, We have a Problem

29 Nov
Turbine, We have a Problem

For months now I have been playing Lord of The Rings Online (LOTRO) and been posting about my experiences. This is my first major MMO to play so haven’t had many experiences with downtime’s. On Monday they had a scheduled maintenance which should have lasted for 6 hours. That’s usually the average time they go down for updates or maintenance anyway.

There was a problem and the downtime lasted more than what was expected. In fact LOTRO, Dungeons and Dragons Online and Asheron’s Call were all affected by this problem.

The SAN upgrade that went awry was intended to reduce the length of downtime’s during future patches, by a pretty significant amount.

The games were down for almost 24 hours and there were plenty of angry people. Most were understanding and were patient. I went on our monster play ventrilo server to find out what everyone else was doing. We all just shared fun web pages and talked about what things we liked to see changed in the game. Most everyone else waited for any word from the developers about the status of the game.

On behalf of the entire staff at Turbine we would like to apologize for yesterday’s extended downtime. The outage was a unique occurrence involving a combination of the hardware and software that supports our login servers and other related web services. This problem prevented players from successfully logging into the games, although the game servers themselves were unaffected and remained up.

Most everyone was happy that the servers finally came up and wasn’t expecting anything from Turbine but an apology. We were surprised with a free day and some special items. Very nice way to make their customers happy. Hope this never happens again and I have heard of other games with longer downtime’s so this one isn’t that bad. One big mess-up their first year is good for a new mmo game I think.

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