LOTRO: The Mines Of Moria Announced

14 Mar
LOTRO: The Mines Of Moria Announced
Mines of Moria has been announced for LOTRO

Today was a big day for the players of Lord Of The Rings Online (LOTRO). The first retail expansion for this game has been announced. It’s called “The mines of Moria” and is expected to be available in fall of 2008. Since the launch of this game Turbine has added 4 new updates for free. This expansion will be the first update which will need to be paid for. The reaction in the forums have been positive and the majority are willing to pay extra for this. Many LOTR fans have been waiting to adventure in Moria. The maximum level for a player will be extended to 60 also. There will also be 2 new classes added called the “Rune-keeper” and “the Warden” but no further details on what role they will play. I have also found some more details of a new Player vs Monster Player (PvMP) area in this expansion as well.

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