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Riding My Very Own Pony In Lord Of The Rings Online

Riding My Very Own Pony In Lord Of The Rings Online

I have a pony now for my minstrel in LOTRO

I just reached my first and second goal in Lord of the Rings Online. My first goal was to reach level 35 so I can buy a pony. Elves and men can buy horses but dwarves and hobbits can only buy a pony. There are 4 type of styles available: Bay pony, Blonde Sorrel Pony, Bloodbay Pony and the Chestnut Pony. I bought the Bloodbay pony for 4 gold and 220 silver but I thought the color would be black but it’s brownish color. The picture icon is the only one that looks black but it’s not. I’ve read in the forums about other people thinking it would be black so I think it should be fixed by giving us a black pony or changing the icon’s color.

Some of the ponies I can buy in Lord of the Rings Online

I love the fact I can ride around anywhere and go faster than running. Also I get through some mobs I wouldn’t even try to outrun. If a person gets hit too much on a horse then they will fall off. I have found out that using the regular horses from the stable master is a bit faster than your own horse. But the big advantage is that I can get into areas where a stable master horse can not go. The pony is well worth the money and I only had to grind a bit to make enough money. I already had 3 gold and some silver when I reached level 35 just from doing most of the quests solo.

Johnson has his first pony in LOTROMy minstrel is now at level 35 with a new pony

I have been playing this game with this character for a month a couple hours a day. I do most of the quests solo and a few of the group quests I found I could do by myself without looking for others to play with. The new content coming out on June 13th will have a lot more solo quests with a brand new area. In fact right now they have opened a new preview server, Roheryn, which has all the new updates they will be adding this month.

I’ve played in the preview server and the upcoming changes look very good. The best part is you get an instant upgrade to level 30 on the preview server. The new area is very well done and very challenging for a level 30+. I’m hoping to write more about this update later after I play some more.

The biggest problem I am having in the level 30 range is I can’t do much soloing so I must group up. I’ve been grinding out for experience for some levels because all the quests are way too hard for just me. The new content coming out this month will address this issue. All the quests will be in the 30+ range! That is a welcome addition for me.

I have just reached my second goal yesterday but that’s for another post! Just be aware you might find me in the ettenmoors protecting the hobbits in their village from the evil monsters!

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