Last closed beta chance to rule them all in LOTRO

06 Mar
Last closed beta chance to rule them all in LOTRO

Lotro is an online game from Lord of the Rings

For anyone who was excited about Lord of the Rings Online having a stress test weekend then I have some more good news. TD Goodliffe played in the stress test and I tried it out as well. I thought it was a really fun game and loved the story line of the quests. I wanted more but would have to wait for the open beta at the end of this month. But there is now a chance for anyone to get into the closed beta until March 25th. All you have to do is buy the April issue of Computer Game Magazine in a local store or the digital version online.

I couldn’t find it any of my local book stores so I bought the digital version. If you do buy it online you need to forward your receipt to the email provided on the above link to get the beta key! I placed my order on Monday evening and got the key in the morning in my email. It would be faster if you order it during their business hours. This is for the closed beta and all characters will be deleted before the open beta on March 25th. I also wasn’t able to use my character I had in the stress test. I just made a lot of characters in every skill so I can test them all out. Good luck to all who tries this!

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