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Playing with new CPU

Playing with new CPU

I just got a new CPU, AMD Phenom II X4, for my computer which is probably 2x the speed of my last one. I didn’t need to change the motherboard which is a good thing. I wish I could get more memory but I would rather save money for other stuff. 6GB of Ram works enough for me. I don’t think 2 more GB would make much difference in the game. Maybe for video editing it would allow me to do stuff faster and more things at the same time. I can play in Ultra high graphics at directx11 in the majority of places for PVE. In the Ettenmoors it does get a bit slow when there are a lot of people running and fighting around me. Medium setting fixes this problem most of the time.

Now that I have this new setup I did some testing. I uploaded 2 videos on my youtube channel. The first one shows my hunter fighting in PVE at the highest graphic setting. The second one shows my Burglar doing his thing in the Moors for PvMP. I tried showing the new water effects while I was fishing. The new shadows for directx11 doesn’t make much of a difference in my opinion. You can see my new setup for my interface and how I fight at level 65. I still fight when the odds are against me. It’s what I do in RL so it makes sense to do it in a virtual game.

My level 65 hunter in Directx11.
Johnnyboi in Directx11 fishing and fighting in the moors!
You can catch up with all my past videos from this game here:

My Level 40 Burglar visits the Ettenmoors in LOTRO
Lotro burglar level 40 pvp action
lotro burglar Level 41, 42 and 43 in the moors
lotro burglar Level 44, 45 and 46 in the moors
Lotro burglar Level 47, 48 and 49 in the moors
Lotro burglar Level 50, 51 and 52 in the moors
Lotro burglar Level 53, 54 and 55 in the moors
Lotro burglar Level 56 and 57 in the moors
Lotro burglar Level 58 and 59 in the moors
Lotro burglar Level 60 and 61 in the moors
Lotro burglar Level 62 in the moors

I will be adding 3 more videos so I show how I got to level 65 and got rank 7. There will be a new update in a few months which will change a lot of things including max level. I want to get as much of this done before that so I can actaully explain the many changes I haven’t talked about. This game is now free for everyone to play. At this time free players can’t participate in PvMP but for the new update they will. I am still finding a lot of fun with this game. Many friends in the game. I do plan on playing other games which you can check out on my other blogs.

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Playing Lord of the Rings again

Playing Lord of the Rings again

It’s been a long while since I wrote anything about this game. There has been a lot of changes. My last real article I wrote was back in 2009. I played a few months in 2010 which I started recording some videos of my adventures. I thought it would be cool to see how my burglar at level 40 could do in PVP. You can check them out at my youtube channel playlist. I have to finish a few more videos to catch up where I am now. It was fun doing it and lot of people enjoyed watching the progress. I saved all the videos I made last year for this project so it’s just editing things together. My burglar is now at 65 so lot of the video is old and no longer a representation of the game now.

My main character used to be my minstrel, Johnsono.

Johnsono (Minstrel)

My main character is now my burglar, Johnnyboi.

Johnnyboi (Burglar)

I am going to be recording videos again soon because I’ll be getting my next rank in a few weeks probably. It’s been so much fun playing again and trying to remember everything. I don’t play to be the best at 1v1’s. I am thrilled when I can win a fight against a 1v1 but my main focus is to defend others and help our side. If I die in the process then that’s fine. If I have to die 100 times just to keep a few creeps busy while we take some keeps then I see it as a win.

My hunter is Johnboi in LOTRO

Johnboi (Hunter)

My runekeeper is named, Johnlandir.

Johnlandir (Runekeeper)

My small guardian with power is Johnsmall

Johnsmall (Guardian)

I recently got a new video card which I thought would make things go faster and allow me to play at a higher graphics level. Well I found out I was able to play at a higher level with directx11 but was really slow. Either my memory or motherboard is causing this problem. I recently went back to directx9 and I am able to log in very fast compared to directx11. I didn’t try directx10 which I might later. I want to see how well I can play with directx9 at different settings. Last night I got into a raid and had no problems but this was at the lowest settings. I will be posting more about all my characters and continue my burglar adventure in the game.

My warden is called Johnlangard

Johnlangard (Warden)

My Loremaster is called Johnmoth

Johnmoth (Loremaster)

My captain is called, Johnborn


My champion is named, Johngnaw

Johngnaw (Champion)

I Bought a new CPU this week which I’ll be getting next week. It should make things a lot faster. I am hoping this will allow me to play at a higher graphic settings. I am running right now with AMD Phenom 9850 Quad-Core Processor 2.50 GHZ. I have 6 GB of memory. My video card is a Radeon HD 5850. I don’t need my computer to be the fastest. I just want to play this game at a nice looking setting. Wouldn’t mind if I could play at a medium setting with no slowdown. The new CPU I bought is AMD Phenom II X4 840 3.2 GHz. Shouldn’t have to change the Motherboard.

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My lotro videos and intro

My lotro videos and intro

Hello everyone! I thought I should write something on here especially because I am making some lotro videos I would like to share. I’ve been playing this game ever since it came out. I played in the open beta. I liked playing on creep side for years. I play a spider. I got it to rank 10 but stopped due to rl issues and bad changes in the game for pvmp. I am a very casual player. None of my characters have any gear from mirkwood instances. I haven’t even stepped into one of those group instances. Not because I can’t but because I have other stuff I like doing.

I do bring out my characters in the moors sometimes. Getting better gear will help out so it is something I will need to do in the future. I am having fun with my warden. I feel very comfortable playing solo or in groups with him. My hunter is mainly a group or raid player. I can’t solo with him yet if ever. My minstrel is also a group or raid player. I also bring out my lower level burglar in his 40’s to the moors to have some fun. This is where I am starting to create videos of his adventure in the moors. So if anyone want to check them out here are the links to the first 2 videos.

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