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Playing Lord of the Rings again

Playing Lord of the Rings again

It’s been a long while since I wrote anything about this game. There has been a lot of changes. My last real article I wrote was back in 2009. I played a few months in 2010 which I started recording some videos of my adventures. I thought it would be cool to see how my burglar at level 40 could do in PVP. You can check them out at my youtube channel playlist. I have to finish a few more videos to catch up where I am now. It was fun doing it and lot of people enjoyed watching the progress. I saved all the videos I made last year for this project so it’s just editing things together. My burglar is now at 65 so lot of the video is old and no longer a representation of the game now.

My main character used to be my minstrel, Johnsono.

Johnsono (Minstrel)

My main character is now my burglar, Johnnyboi.

Johnnyboi (Burglar)

I am going to be recording videos again soon because I’ll be getting my next rank in a few weeks probably. It’s been so much fun playing again and trying to remember everything. I don’t play to be the best at 1v1’s. I am thrilled when I can win a fight against a 1v1 but my main focus is to defend others and help our side. If I die in the process then that’s fine. If I have to die 100 times just to keep a few creeps busy while we take some keeps then I see it as a win.

My hunter is Johnboi in LOTRO

Johnboi (Hunter)

My runekeeper is named, Johnlandir.

Johnlandir (Runekeeper)

My small guardian with power is Johnsmall

Johnsmall (Guardian)

I recently got a new video card which I thought would make things go faster and allow me to play at a higher graphics level. Well I found out I was able to play at a higher level with directx11 but was really slow. Either my memory or motherboard is causing this problem. I recently went back to directx9 and I am able to log in very fast compared to directx11. I didn’t try directx10 which I might later. I want to see how well I can play with directx9 at different settings. Last night I got into a raid and had no problems but this was at the lowest settings. I will be posting more about all my characters and continue my burglar adventure in the game.

My warden is called Johnlangard

Johnlangard (Warden)

My Loremaster is called Johnmoth

Johnmoth (Loremaster)

My captain is called, Johnborn


My champion is named, Johngnaw

Johngnaw (Champion)

I Bought a new CPU this week which I’ll be getting next week. It should make things a lot faster. I am hoping this will allow me to play at a higher graphic settings. I am running right now with AMD Phenom 9850 Quad-Core Processor 2.50 GHZ. I have 6 GB of memory. My video card is a Radeon HD 5850. I don’t need my computer to be the fastest. I just want to play this game at a nice looking setting. Wouldn’t mind if I could play at a medium setting with no slowdown. The new CPU I bought is AMD Phenom II X4 840 3.2 GHz. Shouldn’t have to change the Motherboard.

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Revisiting Lord Of The Rings Online Part 1

Revisiting Lord Of The Rings Online Part 1

I’ve been playing Lord Of The Rings these past months and got my main minstrel up to level 44. I have another minstrel at level 42 which I don’t play anymore and a captain close to level 30. I’ve been playing mostly in monster play on the monster (creep) side as a weaver (spider). The creeps fight against the free peoples (freeps) who can only come out in the ettenmoors after level 40. I thought it was a good time to report on the updates and playability of this game.

On June 13th, 2007 the first free content update was added called “Shores of Evendim” which features book 9. The books are epic quests which roughly follow the main story from LOTR. Watch the trailer here.

Lotro has a new area called Evendim

Evendim map was opened up above the shire with new monsters and quests to be done. Some of these quests are hard and you need to be over level 30. The salamanders are a fun enemy to fight against because they can blow fire. The deer in this area can attack as well so be careful! The worst part of this area is the huge lake which takes up a big part of the map. Fastest way to get across it is to swim very slowly. They really should add a boat or something to get across this lake. Also this update brought in a very hard quest called “Thief-taker’s Bane” which really needs more than 1 minstrel. Most of the players who finish this quest really hate it but It’s a good challenging quest compared to some others. This is a fun addition especially for the level 30 to 40 people looking for solo quests.

Each class can now get unique epic armour from drops and the first 24 person raid was introduced in the Misty mountains called Helegrod. I Am not high enough to try this raid but I’ve heard it can be rough. Some have complained about the lack of epic drops in other areas outside of raids. I don’t know if I will try a raid when I get my character to level 50. I only raid in monster play right now.

There was some much needed changes to the crafting professions too. Farming is now more profitable and is needed for the cooks. Before this patch cooks would be able to buy all ingredients from npc’s instead of regular players at the auctions. Now this has changed for the good. Farming is now profitable and cooking is not as easy as it was.

The music system in the game got better with two additional instruments. A drum and bass can be bought to play music. They also added a way to play abc notation from a file. This brought in some fun for regular players who couldn’t play as well as others.

My spider in Lord of the Rings Online

Monster play had some changes happen on the creep side and some incentives for the freep side. A major change was to the spider who now can spit poison making it a range attacker. I actually created a spider of my own around this time and have been playing one ever since. I am now rank 5 on Elendilmir server and rank 4 on Firefoot server. Ranking a monster player can only be done by killing freeps.

My personal opinion of this update was that is was needed for more solo quests but it brought in some bad bugs which needed to be fixed. I still haven’t finished the book 9 quests yet so still need to do more with this update. This update also brought some new enemies to kill for level 40+ players which is desperately needed for this game. I give this update a 8 out of 10. I liked it and was entertained for a few weeks and I still have stuff to do in this area.

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Virtual World Marriages Bring Real Life Debates.

Virtual World Marriages Bring Real Life Debates.

I found this interesting article reading some forums and really thought it was something to share. It had all the major virtual world and games mentioned on this blog and brought up a subject which is in the current news. You see all this debating about same sex marriage in real life but I never even thought about it in a virtual world. Social interaction in virtual worlds is a big part of why people like them.

The article mentioned that LOTRO decided not to add a marriage feature into the game. The reason stated was that they couldn’t decide to allow same sex marriage or marriage between different races. WOW, Everquest and NannyMUD were mentioned allowing any marriage. Second Life was mentioned for having no rules on marriage too.

I never thought of getting married in a virtual world. I actually remember some friends from the bbs days in the 90’s getting married online in a chat room. I believe most online games right now do allow marriages for anyone. When LOTRO brings in a marriage option I hope they will allow it for anyone. A hobbit and a dwarf could be a perfect couple to battle the evil forces.

My take on this is marriage in a virtual world should be allowed for everyone. It won’t harm other people and it will make the social interaction even better. Leave the silly debates for the real world. But it is a good read to see what other games have decided. The only thing that gets on my nerves with these games is the constant name calling, harassment and stereotyping. Using the word gay to call something lame is still offensive.

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