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Some more videos before ROI

There’s going to be a new expansion for LOTRO on September 27th called Rise of Isengard. You can read more about it here. I already pre-ordered it and will be leveling all my characters up to 75 when it comes out. Not sure what other plans I have after I do that. I loved making my burglar videos starting level 40 in the Ettenmoors. I might do the same with this expansion. Going out at 65 when all the creeps are at 75 might be interesting again for me.

So before the expansion comes out I am finishing up all my videos I made. Check my previous post with all the links to my previous videos. I have uploaded 3 more videos after that post. I’m still working on 2 other videos which will show me getting Rank 9. It took a long time and I did it outside of a raid or group. I didn’t get into many 1v1’s because I liked going after the gankers at the rez circle. There were a lot more action at the rez circle these past months for some reason. I ranked a lot faster because of that.

I played mostly with bad gear but still found a lot of fun. I wasn’t the best at 1v1 but willing to try my best. I loved being able to help others when they were being ganked. I also had fun trying to help out small groups or raids when I can. I have 2 more videos I’ll be posting in a few days showing me getting rank 8 and 9. I probably won’t be pushing hard for rank 10. I’m going to relax and have fun. Lot of players are way too serious sometimes and I can get so many to run after me leaving their friends to die. I just laugh about it and I’m sure they are happy to kill me.


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Playing with new CPU

Playing with new CPU

I just got a new CPU, AMD Phenom II X4, for my computer which is probably 2x the speed of my last one. I didn’t need to change the motherboard which is a good thing. I wish I could get more memory but I would rather save money for other stuff. 6GB of Ram works enough for me. I don’t think 2 more GB would make much difference in the game. Maybe for video editing it would allow me to do stuff faster and more things at the same time. I can play in Ultra high graphics at directx11 in the majority of places for PVE. In the Ettenmoors it does get a bit slow when there are a lot of people running and fighting around me. Medium setting fixes this problem most of the time.

Now that I have this new setup I did some testing. I uploaded 2 videos on my youtube channel. The first one shows my hunter fighting in PVE at the highest graphic setting. The second one shows my Burglar doing his thing in the Moors for PvMP. I tried showing the new water effects while I was fishing. The new shadows for directx11 doesn’t make much of a difference in my opinion. You can see my new setup for my interface and how I fight at level 65. I still fight when the odds are against me. It’s what I do in RL so it makes sense to do it in a virtual game.

My level 65 hunter in Directx11.
Johnnyboi in Directx11 fishing and fighting in the moors!
You can catch up with all my past videos from this game here:

My Level 40 Burglar visits the Ettenmoors in LOTRO
Lotro burglar level 40 pvp action
lotro burglar Level 41, 42 and 43 in the moors
lotro burglar Level 44, 45 and 46 in the moors
Lotro burglar Level 47, 48 and 49 in the moors
Lotro burglar Level 50, 51 and 52 in the moors
Lotro burglar Level 53, 54 and 55 in the moors
Lotro burglar Level 56 and 57 in the moors
Lotro burglar Level 58 and 59 in the moors
Lotro burglar Level 60 and 61 in the moors
Lotro burglar Level 62 in the moors

I will be adding 3 more videos so I show how I got to level 65 and got rank 7. There will be a new update in a few months which will change a lot of things including max level. I want to get as much of this done before that so I can actaully explain the many changes I haven’t talked about. This game is now free for everyone to play. At this time free players can’t participate in PvMP but for the new update they will. I am still finding a lot of fun with this game. Many friends in the game. I do plan on playing other games which you can check out on my other blogs.

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Player Vs Player in LOTRO?

Player Vs Player in LOTRO?

Yes, LOTRO (Lord of the Rings Online) has PVP but not exactly. They have what’s called PVMP which means player versus monster player. Their is also a sparring option which players can fight each other until one is defeated. They won’t actually die and can continue what they were doing after a couple of seconds. Most people ignore all spar requests by turning off sparring in the options.

LOTRO has a pvp area in the Ettenmoors
The map of the monster play area. The red marks are the keeps which can be taken over.

I’m not a lover of PVP (Player vs Player) and rather play solo in most games. Some MMO games have some sort of PVP built in to the system. From the extreme where everyone is vulnerable for attack or where you can only fight when both parties agree. I don’t really like this type of gaming because I like team play and helping others. Also I’ve been playing games since I was a child trying to get away from ghosts from pacman. I’m used to finding patterns or weaknesses in a computer generated character. I can’t seem to do the same with a real person.

So I figured I wouldn’t like PVP in LOTRO but I have to say I actually like it right now. I might not like it when the regular players get in to the zone and start fighting. If I keep in a fellowship or raid I’ll probably enjoy this side of the game. I’ve been in full raids which consists of 24 monsters and had a lot of fun trying to take some hard places over. The Ost Ringdyr is the hardest and we had a great leader who knew exactly where we should be at all times.

PVP in Lotro is fun but small part of the game
Select the type of monster you want to play! You can play all 5 monsters anytime.

When you get your regular character to level 10 you can enter the Ettenmoors with a level 50 monster character. This is the only area where you can play as a monster. You can play as an orc, warg, spider or uruk. The orc reaver is the main tank class which has some powerful melee skills. The spider weaver can play as a tank also and can snare enemies with their webs. They also have a way to bury themselves under ground for safety or a trap. I think they look really cool and scary. The uruk blackarrow is the main archer and is a very good class to start with. The uruk warleader is the main healer and can revive other defeated players. No raid should be without one. The warg stalker is the stealth class and has a fast escape skill too. They can sneak around just like the burglars in regular play.

Monsters have quests in the Ettenmoors too
My spider beating up on a tasty eagle to get some feathers for a quest.

Monster play was only entered by these pools

When you get to level 10 you need to search for a red fell scrying pool in Thorin’s gate near silver deep mine, Michel delving in shire or south west of Bree town near the black rock. Just right click on the pool and you will see a selection window with different characters. Each account can have up to 5 monster characters on each server. Any accomplishments you make on your monster character will be saved for the next time you want to be a monster.

Once you pick your character you will name it and be placed at the starting point. There are 5 keeps around this area which can be taken over by monsters or the regular players. When the servers start up there are 3 keeps in the hands of the good people and 2 keeps in the hands of the evil players. This can be changed but only by a big raid. I’ve had the pleasure of being in a raid with a great leader who knows exactly how to take each keep with no deaths. In fact my very first raid in any MMO has been in the monster play and I enjoyed it! Each keep has a captain which has to be killed for the keep to change over.

There are plenty of quests a monster can do in this area to gain destiny points. You can use these points to buy more permanent skills or use it for your regular player but just for a short time. I would recommend to use them only for your monsters until maxed out or in emergency situations for your regular character. You will find that you can only buy a certain amount of skills because you have to be at a higher rank to buy the rest. To get to the next ranks you need to kill player controlled free people characters. For each player you kill you get some infamy points. When you get enough points you get to the next rank and can buy more stuff. At this time of the writing you probably won’t see any players but later on more will be entering this area. There have been reports of brave player controlled characters at level 40 running scared in this area.

Raid fighting in the EttenmoorsRaid of monsters in LOTRO for PVP
A big raid in the monster play area.

This is where the PVP starts and will continue. Once regular players get to level 40 they will be allowed to enter this area. This is totally an option for you and is not a requirement. If you are level 40 and above you can travel to rivendell and find the horse stables. choose the Ettenmoors travel and you will be entering the monster play area. As your regular character you will also find quests in this area. But always be aware their will be more player controlled monsters out there waiting to kill you. You can also start a raid to take back the keeps away from the monsters. I’m sure in a couple months this place will go back and forth and have some great battles!

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