Some more videos before ROI

22 Sep

There’s going to be a new expansion for LOTRO on September 27th called Rise of Isengard. You can read more about it here. I already pre-ordered it and will be leveling all my characters up to 75 when it comes out. Not sure what other plans I have after I do that. I loved making my burglar videos starting level 40 in the Ettenmoors. I might do the same with this expansion. Going out at 65 when all the creeps are at 75 might be interesting again for me.

So before the expansion comes out I am finishing up all my videos I made. Check my previous post with all the links to my previous videos. I have uploaded 3 more videos after that post. I’m still working on 2 other videos which will show me getting Rank 9. It took a long time and I did it outside of a raid or group. I didn’t get into many 1v1’s because I liked going after the gankers at the rez circle. There were a lot more action at the rez circle these past months for some reason. I ranked a lot faster because of that.

I played mostly with bad gear but still found a lot of fun. I wasn’t the best at 1v1 but willing to try my best. I loved being able to help others when they were being ganked. I also had fun trying to help out small groups or raids when I can. I have 2 more videos I’ll be posting in a few days showing me getting rank 8 and 9. I probably won’t be pushing hard for rank 10. I’m going to relax and have fun. Lot of players are way too serious sometimes and I can get so many to run after me leaving their friends to die. I just laugh about it and I’m sure they are happy to kill me.


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